Company Courses

We understand that as professionals you’ll have specific requirements from your language course. English or Slovak for company courses can be tailored to a range of aims and objectives within the work environment. Our courses focus on your individual needs.

In your initial consultation we will assess your course priorities and your study programme timescale.

English Courses:

We will test your written English and your spoken English.

Only then will we recommend the best course of study for you, focused on clear realistic objectives. We will  ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with your progress throughout your course.


  • Introductions, entertaining, small talk and informal conversation
  • Everyday business English – familiarisation with idiomatic English common in everyday use
  • Telephone calls, discussions, negotiations, social interaction
  • Advising, proposing, warning, requesting, explaining, clarifying
  • Emailing, correspondence, reports, memos, minutes, presentations
  • Listening: understanding fast natural colloquial speech in commercial contexts
  • Cultural and linguistic sensitivity

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